41 Sri Lankan asylum seekers returned

00:00 Jul 6 2014 Indian Ocean

A boat from Sri Lanka carrying 41 asylum seekers (37 Sinhalese and four Tamils) was intercepted by an Australian operation sovereign borders vessel in late June and handed over to the Sri Lankan navy in a mid-sea transfer on 6 July. All 41 were subject to the 'enhanced screening' process on board the Australian vessel and 40 were 'screened-out'. The one remaining asylum seeker 'voluntarily requested to depart the vessel' according to a release from immigration minister Scott Morrison.

(From the 'Operation Sovereign Borders timeline' database, reported by the Guardian Australia. Location is only approximate.)
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Location of incident (if 'Other', please include in description): At sea
Number of people affected: 41
Ethnicities involved (if 'Other', please include in description): Tamil,Other
Following return from: N/A

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