First use of lifeboat to return asylum seekers to Indonesia

00:00 Jan 5 2014 Indian Ocean

The first use of an orange lifeboat to return asylum seekers is reported on 17 January, 2014, by Fairfax Media. The asylum seekers on board the vessel say they have been picked up by Her Majesty's Australian Ship Stuart before being transferred to a customs vessel. The men say they have been tricked into thinking they were going to Christmas Island, but instead were cast off from the customs vessel with a letter telling them they did not have enough fuel to reach Australia.

(From the 'Operation Sovereign Borders timeline' database, reported by the Fairfax Media, Guardian Australia. Location is only approximate.)
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Location of incident (if 'Other', please include in description): At sea
Number of people affected: 1
Following return from: N/A

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