Boat sinks at Christmas Island, search and rescue operation

00:00 Dec 5 2013 Christmas Island

AMSA assumes coordination of an incident after reports that a vessel has sunk in the vicinity of Greta Beach on Christmas Island. The people on board make it onto the island but become separated. A Customs Dash-8 aircraft, an ACV, and multiple military and police assets are initially sent to respond until confirmation is received from passengers interviewed that everyone has been counted. AMSA retains coordination of the incident because a number of people were sighted on the beach and cliffs and their recovery was hindered by difficult terrain. A search party reaches the four people and helps them get to hospital for medical assessments. The Dash-8 conducts a five square nautical mile search and reports several sightings of abandoned lifejackets and vessel debris but no sightings of any persons. On December 6, 2013, all 27 people are transferred into the care of Australian government agencies at Christmas island.

(From the 'Operation Sovereign Borders timeline' database, reported by the Operation Sovereign Borders Joint Agency Taskforce)
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Location of incident (if 'Other', please include in description): At sea
Number of people affected: 27
Following return from: N/A

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